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Mahakaali 16th September 2017 Written Update

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Mahakaali 16th September 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Kaali glares at enemies, Kartikeya is injured, she comes to him and sadly caresses his bloodied face. Kaali looks Tarakasur and you can never touch son of a mother, I have already give result of that. Tarakasur says you cant beat me in battle thats why cheat in everything, first an infertile mother cheats and gives birth to human and when her son runs away, she cheats again, gives him power and want him to fight, its your blood thats why you cheat, you are not mahakali but mahacheater. Nandi says he has disrepected our maata, we wont spare him. Mahakali says I wont spare him today, Nandi says no Shiv’s promise will be broken, please leave. Kaali takes Kartikeya and leaves.

Kaali sees Kartikeya injured. She puts hand on him and her power heals his wounds, he wakes up and
says Maa? he says sorry, I failed, I hurt you. Kaali says I am happy that you tried and didnt lose your strength, you will end tarakasur but how will we kill him? I asked Shiv about it. Flashback shows Shiv saying to Parvati that Tarakasur is most dangerous enemy, someone as strong as him can only can him. Parvati says which weapon can cut Tarakasur? he says the weapon that cant be cut by anyone, she asks what is it? Shiv says nothing is stronger than mother-child relation, mother can protect her child at any cost, you are that power and strength as you are a mother, flashback ends. Kaali says I am that strength which you need, the enemies can never defeat a mother, its time to become my son’s strength and win with him. Kaali changes her avatar and becomes a strong weapon; arrow. Kartikeya holds that arrow and respects it.

Tarakasur beats all men of Kaali and says is there anyone that can fight Tarakasur. Kartikeya comes there with arrow. Tarakasur says you came again? I dont like to fight kids, where did you mother runaway? did she leave you or you got scared seeing her that avatar? Kartikeya says I am her son, I make people fear me and my mother’s strength is with me, he shows power of his arrow. Tarakasur says this is just a toy, you were defeated by me earlier too and this time I wont give you any chance to leave, Kartikeya says I wont stop till I win. Tarakasur tries to attack him but Kartikeya uses his arrow and keeps beating him. Tarkasur sees himself bleeding on face and says how did he get this much power? he tries to runaway but Kartikeya attacks with lasers of his arrow. Kartikeya surrounds Tarakasur with his many avatars. Tarakasur says what strength this weapon have that I cant fight it? Kartikeya says you want to know its power? he puts arrow on floor and it becomes Kaali again, Kaali smirks at Taraksur, he laughs and says so it was you? you cant kill me. Kaali says my son is going to end you but I will become his strength, you have tried deny mother’s power and now you dont have choice, you tried to cut my child in six pieces and now you dont have any choice, you are surrounded by six Kartikeya now, I left you to respect Shiv’s promise but now I wont break his promise as my son is going to kill and I will become his strength. Six Kartikeyas becomes one and power. Kaali says I am start, I am end, I am power, anger and also protection too. Kaali becomes arrow again. Kartikeya holds that arro, he jumps and throws it at Tarakasur, he tries to moves away but Kaali takes her avatar, she flies to Tarakasur and says I am Kaali, she becomes arrow and hits him, she stabs him in stomach and kills him. Kaali takes her avatar. Shumbh and Nishumbh sees all this and runs away. All chant for Kaali and Kartikeya. Kartikeya says I came to my destination. Kaali says destination is not end, its start of new journey. Surapadman comes there. Kartikeya says you saw Tarakasur’s end and still want to fight? he says I didnt come to fight, I have come to surrender and asking for forgiveness, he sits in his feet and says I want to be on truth’s side, please take me under you, please make me your Vahana(peacock), I want to repent. Kaali says I support your repentance but its upto Kartikeya if he wants to make you his Vahana, mother can show right path to child but child have to take decision. Kartikeya says I want to know your introduction, Surpadaman says the evil in me have died, you are seeing a person who is your loyal, his mission is to take your your mission. Kartikeya says you are ready to leave your identity so you will find right path, I accept you as my Vahana. Surpadman becomes giant peacock, Kartikeya sits on him, peacock flies with him.

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Written Update by Atiba

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