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Mahakaali 17th September 2017 Written Update

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Mahakaali 17th September 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Shiv says to Parvati this was a lesson for you and him both. She says why are you talking in riddles? He says time reveals all the riddles.
Rishiwar comes to Shiv and bows down to him. He says for so long I have longed to see you. He says I found my heaven. I found the peace I have been looking for. I don’t have words to tell you what I feel. I feel like I am complete. Shiv says gets get up Rishiwar. Tell me what is your dream. He says it was only to see you. But when I came to Kelash I had this dream to serve you all my life. He says you can.
Rishiwak walks to pray shiv keeps moving with him. He is dazed. He says what is this mahadev? Why can’t I serve you. WHy are you not coming in front of me so I can prostrate before you?

Scene 2
In Shumbh nishumbh’s place a fight is going on. The mother of fighter is worried. Shumbh says I will bring the son of Kalkasur. SHe his wife. Its in her womb. We will use him against Kali.
Shumbh says why can’t I prostrate you Shiv? Shiv says you wanted to but you can’t. He says my intentions are pure. Shiv says without a woman a man is incomplete. I am incomplete without parvati. She is my power. You can’t prostrate before me till parvati stands stands next to me. Come Parvati. Parvait comes up. Rishiwar says I respect Parvati because she is your wife. I am your follower not of hers. I want to prostrate before you not her not a woman. Parvati is standing up. Shiv holds her hand. Rishiwar says can I only prostrate before you? Shiv says then you need to clear the intention of your prostration.
If you are able to prostrate before me without parvati then go ahead.

The woman begs shumbh to stop all the fight. She says he will kill my husband. Her husband dies. SHe sits there crying. She says swami I don’t want to live without you. She calls for Gods.

Maheshasur says to Shumbh I will serve you. What should I do for you? He saays my mission was of your dad’s always. He wanted you to become the ruler. He wanted everyone to serve you. Maheshasur says I will fulfill his dream. He is going somewhere. Shumbh says where are you going? He says I thought you were wise you are a fool. When I was my mother’s womb I was told by her that i have blessings from lord of fire. I will get that from him and then I will fulfill my dream. I will rule.

Kartika says why did you allow him to serve you? He has hurt mom. Parvati says a mother also feels pain but she gives birth anyway. But she had to do it. Kartika says I dont’ know you both well. Shiv says when you get to know your mom well you won’t have to know me. A man comes and says to Kartika indra wants to meet you Kartika. Parvait says go and meed him Kartika. I will wait for you. He goes.

Precap-Kali comes in her nine faces. She faces Maheshasur.

Written Update by Atiba

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