Oil Tanker Fire Accidents in Pakistan Bahawalpur Ahmed Pur Sharqia

Oil Tanker Fire Accidents in Pakistan Bahawalpur Ahmed Pur Sharqia YouTube,saneha bahwalapur accident,fire oil tanker,oil tanker fire video.At least 140 people have been burnt alive and dozens of others injured after an oil tanker caught fire and exploded near Bahawalpur in Pakistan’s Punjab province.

The incident occurred on Sunday morning as a large number of people gathered to collect petrol from the vehicle, according to rescue services.

Local sources told Al Jazeera that most of the victims were residents of nearby areas who were collecting fuel from the oil tanker, which had overturned after skidding off a national highway in Ahmed Pur Sharqia.

Dozens who were trying to collect the spilled oil in the Pakistani city of Bahawalpur have been left injured.

Firefighters are now at the scene and are trying to tackle the blaze.

Those injured are being taken to hospital, with the death toll expected to rise.

Residents could be seen walking past blackened and twisted bodies piled by the side of the road.

Earlier, television footage showed shooting flames and a thick plume of smoke as firefighters battled to extinguish the blaze.

The charred wreckage of dozens of motorcycles and cars could be seen scattered on the highway, along with kitchen utensils, pots, water coolers, jerrycans and buckets which victims had brought to collect the petrol.

‘Huge fireball’

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