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Train Accident (Hadsa) In Lodhran Punjab

Lodhran Train Accident Hadsa Video

Lodhran Traind Accident Videos 2017- Traind Hadsa 6 Children Died
khawja saad Rafiq federal minster visited lodhran to meet the family of innocent children died in train accident

Deeply saddened by The death of school childrens in The Lodhran Train accident
The Government must investigate & Hold Those responsible To account.
One of the parents of a child victim of Lodhran train tragedy screamed at the N Rep…”where is the Rs 2.5 Bn the PM promised Lodhran?

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کھاں ھے یہ شوباذ شریف جو لاھور میں چھوٹے سے واقع پہ متاثرین کے گھر پہنچا ھوتا ؟
میرے وسیب کے مستقبل کی موت پہ اتنی خاموشی کیوں ؟
کیا سرائیکیوں کا خون ذیادہ سستا ھے ؟
5 school children killed in Lodhran accident.
At least 6 people including 5 minors students were killed after their rikshaw were hit by a train in Lodhran early this morning.
LODHRAN: Nine people including six children were killed when a Qingqi rickshaw collided with atrain in Lodhran on Friday morning, ARY News reported.Sources said that the driver of the rickshaw — filled with school children — did not see the approaching Hazara Express due to fog and the railway crossing also did not close after which it collided with the train.At least nine people which — included six children — lost their lives whereas 10 others, including the rickshaw driver, were wounded in the train-rickshaw collision.Residents of the area gathered at the scene and launched the relief work and shifted the wounded persons to a hospital.Heart-wrenching scenes were witnessed when thefamily members of the deceased children arrived at the scene.

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